Breath of French Air

Stories of American Expats in France

Once upon a time

there was a middle-aged American couple who needed a change. A really really BIG change. They were in jobs that they didn’t enjoy, doing work that was exhausting and unfulfilling. So what did they do about it?

Well Diane, being the project manager that she was, created a presentation for her husband, Neal. One that outlined spending some time (maybe a long time) living abroad. Doing what she loved, photography, and what he loved, writing.

At first, he wasn’t sure. I mean what would that look like exactly? Isn’t that pretty darn irresponsible? How could they afford it?

But after a sleepless night he decided. Let’s do it. So the planning, the saving, the French lessons began. You see…part of Diane’s plan, was to move to France. For at least a year, and maybe longer if they could figure that out.

Breath of French Air

is the blog that came out of our adventure. From figuring out how to make it happen, to quitting our jobs and moving to France for a year.

Yep it ended up that we lived there for a year, and then we came back to start the next chapter of our lives in California. Which is why the blog is no longer active. I mean how can we blog about living in France, if we’re living in California??

But I didn’t want all of those wonderful blog posts to disappear, so I (I’m Diane, by the way) decided to publish a book. A book of all the Breath of French Air blog posts. So if you’re intrigued with our journey and want more details, you have a few options…

The Hardcover Book

It’s gorgeous (if I do say so myself) with the printed posts, and the amazing photos that tell the story of our journey to France.


The E-Book

The e-book version has the same content, but in a more condensed and portable viewing experience.


Ask Questions

If you have specific questions about our experience, or even have a good story of your own to share, I would love to hear from you!



If you’re wondering how we did it...what the visa process looked like...what it was like living there… We dive into all of that in the book. If you’re wondering why we decided to come back and how the transition was, well that’s also in the book.

But if you have a LOT of questions...or you're thinking about moving to France and want to chat about it? I'M IN! You're welcome to get in touch by clicking the button above, or send me an email...I'd love to hear from you! ([email protected])

If you’re wondering what I’m up to now, and if I’m still working on my photography?? Well, the answer is YES!

The whole experience really inspired me to want to teach other travelers how to make photos that they love. Because I did NOT always love my photos. I struggled to figure out how to create photos that truly reflected the beauty that I was seeing. And I came back from trips with a whole lot of bad photos.

But part of my preparation for moving to France was to figure out my camera and the art of photography. And then I spent the year while we were in France, practicing. And yes, I finally figured out how to create photos that make me happy.

And so I decided to create PhotoFluent®, where I teach travelers how to master their camera settings, connect with their creativity, and tell the story of their adventures. Want more information?


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Au revoir et à bientôt!